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AR-Anthony Roberts
Artist Pictures Anthony Roberts (AR)Anthony Roberts (AR)
Artist Profile

Hometown: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Country: United States of America
Genre: Singer/Songwriter


AR- Anthony Roberts

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, AR recalls music as always being an important aspect of life surrounding him. " I remember Stevie Wonder 's "Sir Duke" playing as my mom drove us to daycare in the morning." "I had no clue what the correct lyrics were at that time, but that would not stop me from rambling off some jargon that melodically matched Stevie's."

I grew up listening to Peter Gabriel, Prince, Sting and others that were/are true artists. Each album they composed gave you a great sense of what was important in their lives and the perspective they held. They packaged these thoughts into melodies, beats and lyrics that are quite astounding. This is the singer/songwriter I want to be.

"Today I put most of my energy into my family, and as such, I draw a lot of the inspiration for the stuff I write and record from them." Take a listen to "When I was...Blues", "I Believe in You", and/or "It's About Time!" and you will understand where I am coming from.

It may not be sexy, but I think a good sense of Family is important. If I can present this aspect of life to others such that it is entertaining and has them singing my songs on the way to school then I will consider myself successful.


Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Originally from Chicago area, I spent hav

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Artist Songs
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Breathe YouPlay
Full MoonshinePlay
Get UpPlay
Gods Greatest Gift (GGG)Play
I Believe in You!Play
It's About Time!Play
Out on this RoadPlay
U.O.P (University of Phoenix)Play
We All Need LovePlay
When I was...Blues!Play

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