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The Mike Tee Band
Artist Pictures Mike Tee playing outMike Tee playing out
Artist Profile

Hometown: Long Beach, Long Island, NY
Country: United States of America
Genre: Mixed/Multiple
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Mike Tee

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Greetings from Long Beach, Long Island

This is an album (CD) that has been in the making for many years. I’ve always wanted to put together an original effort, but one thing or another got in the way. This past year I was determined to finally accomplish this feat. It started with getting in touch with Ben Wisch who did a fantastic job engineering the CD in his “Bailey Building and Loan Studios” located in Manhattan. Ben is an accomplished engineer who recorded Marc Cohn’s hit “Walking in Memphis” which won a few Grammy awards one of which was for best song. Ben is a pleasure to work with and is the consummate true professional in the studio.

While trying to record the album my lead guitarist “Blue” Lou Papagalis father passed away, then my mother became sick and she passed away one month later. I put off the project for a while and then just dove in the studio with Ben and we recorded in record (no pun intended…) time. Matt “The Rookie” Lauro and Sal “Vatoor” Mastrachio came in and formed a fantastic backbone with their Bass and Drum playing. Matt was able to come down even as he was planning his wedding, which I want to add I had a great time at (good luck to M &M). Alexandra Rea came in and did a fantastic job on vocals on “Love is a thing we no longer share”. And after all that we finally had a product that I think you will enjoy.


Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Grew up in Long Island eventually settling in Long Beach, Long Island right on the ocean...

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Lick, Drink, Suck (the tequila song)Play
Sherry I'm going to JamaicaPlay
The Christmas SongPlay

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