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Ramzi P. Haddad
Artist Pictures Ramzi P. HaddadRamzi P. Haddad Album Cover Album Cover
Artist Profile

Hometown: Maui, Hawaii
Country: United States of America
Genre: New Age
Buy This Music Online: Ambient, new age music

Bio (Switch)

Ramzi P. Haddad

Born in 1964, in the country of Lebanon on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. night after night, war ignited the land that no one thought of ever leaving. at age 16, traveling out of his hometown was not his idea of change, but it was his destiny. Seeking a new life and a future, he found himself in a country that finally became a second home. The country of opportunity, and the country of the free. Fulfilling a life without his family was a big sacrifice, but it had to be done. He put himself through college, and graduated in 1987 with a degree in science. Still feeling incomplete, he worked for Corporate America, job after job, putting his music aside. He got by and lived a very decent life. The desire to be with his family, kept him feeling empty. And that feeling of emptiness made him realize that this is the point in his life, that he misses his childhood dream, which is music. The love of music, and the desire of creating it. For every hardship he came across, in his day to day life, he wrote a song to ease his pain. Finally, procrastination took him to 2006, where he put together 10 sweet melodies on a cd. Was it a dream, or his destiny? His music will bring out the best in you, as it did to him. He operates with an ambient imagination, faith, and hard work. Seeking a life in music, and finally going forth in a solitary and distinctive path. You will hear a lot more of his music in the upcoming years. "My life was granted with permission, because music is my mission".

Albums Introduction

"Heart Of The Image" is a theme of friendship, vision, remembrance, healing and connecting cultures . It is a collection of new compositions that capture the spirit and heal the soul. Ramzi reaches the heart from a new direction with powerfull musical messages, engaging and always full of unexpected little twists, straightfoward solo piano melodies, dramatic string arrangements and heavenly choir struck a chord which resounded across all cultural and musical boundaries. Ramzi brings his passion for New Age Music to life featuring beautiful melodies, perfect harmony and an enchantingly Visual album that unites worldwide musical influences. "The Other Side Of Mizery By Ramzi" is new age music, that features a variety of pop, rock, and contemporary instrumental compositions. This music of extraordinary beauty and simplicity came from the heart, soul, and hands of it's creator. It is a cross over from the first melodic solo piano album "Mizery By Ramzi", and its nothing short of a journey through the infinite dimentions of life that embody, and galvanize the human experience. "MIZERY BY RAMZI", is a new age solo piano album, that feature 10 songs. These harmonic bell-tones give a beacon of light and hope to all that listen. It speaks directly to you, and bypasses all languages, races, and nations. Enjoy the sweet music and the style of melodies that generate an environment of pure happiness, relaxation and peacefulness. "PEOPLE" The new group Godrap was formed on the island of Maui in 2007. When Ramzi P. Haddad met Vocalist Jeffrey T. Murat (Rotty The Bishop). Regardless of the two opposite music styles they decided to put their heads together and make a new style of music. They wrote 13 songs. each song has a different sound. They mixed the styles of New Age, Classical, HipHop, Rap, Pop, R&B, Dance, Electronica and World Beat. The Album came out so diverse, actually a variety of age groups out there will find something special that they will enjoy listening to, in this album. They called it "People".


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