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Angelina Joy Emanuele
Artist Pictures Angelina Joy Emanuele (Performer/Artist)Angelina Joy Emanuele (Performer/Artist) Angelina Joy Emanuele (Singer/ Songwriter) Miss Joy 2009
Artist Profile

Hometown: Los Angeles, Studio City
Country: United States of America
Genre: Pop
Buy This Music Online: The Best of THE JOY HOUSE Volume 1

Bio (Switch)

Angelina Joy Emanuele

Angelina Joy Emanuele, a multi-talented artist writes catchy radio friendly pop songs. She has had many songs placed in TV and Film and now produces and writes for The Joy House TV Show/ School Program/ Dance Party which has been sponsored by Time Warner and Washington DC's "Leaders in Learning " and "Cable in the classroom" plus Hollywood LAPD. Please visit to see music videos, promos and info on The Joy House TV Show for kids, The Joy House After School and Pre School Program, The Joy House Assemblies for Schools and The Joy House Dance Party and Birthday Party PLUS to hear many songs written by this innovative artist. She is ALWAYS looking for music producers to create with and people to build THAT killer team. Give Joy, Get Joy!


”Stunning talent with a brilliant future” TV GUIDE, AUSTRALIA…

.”Australian-born Angelina Joy Emanuele belts out original, high energy, radio friendly pop music in the vein of Spice girls, Madonna and Paula Abdul. Her songs are well above average with “SINGLE GIRL” being the most notable. Her noteworthy vocal abilities are well above the norm of many of the pop divas out there. She is a unique, charismatic and spirited entertainer who gives it all she has. She’ll have you shaking your booty in no time. And what she has to offer is high –energy dancing, charismatic stage presence and good dance pop tunes backed by solid vocals. I see stardom” Tom Farrell MUSIC CONNECTION

"It’s Tuesday and there wasn’t much going on, so I decided to check out this show at the Martini Lounge. Upon my arrival I was treated to performance by a creamy thighed sex bomb. This somewhat Madonnaish vocalist gave a strong sensual performance... With just back up tapes she had no choice but to shine... and believe it or not she was great! She even did costume changes on stage in between songs. There is great potential here for stardom for this girl. She just need s a break!" Al Bowman ROCK CITY NEWS

ngelina Joy Emanuele AKA Miss Joy from THE JOY HOUSE

PLease see Miss Joy is Angelina Joy Emanuele, who is a professional dancer, singer, choreographer and songwriter. She has been performing all around the world since she was 12 years old. By 20, she had studied at the prestigious Princess Grace Ballet School in Monte Carlo, performed in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS, produced and directed her own dance company, choreographed and appeared in major commercials, danced in ballet companies in Australia and Europe, won Best Photographic Model and was Australia’s National ‘Flashdance’ Finalist. She also taught in Australia, at some the top dance schools, all styles of dance, which is something she has ALWAYS had a passion for …….teaching and inspiring others.

In the early 90’s she spent time in London writing and recording with Geoff Beauchamp (guitarist for Patsy Kinset’s 8th Wonder.) After a meeting with Michael Rosenblatt (VP Warner Bros.) in 1991, who said her material was really strong and suggested that her sound was more for the US, she decided to give America a try. She had many meetings with record companies but at that time there was already a Madonna and Paula Abdul and Grunge was coming in. It was not good timing……so she just wrote and wrote and decided to start something new! During the late 90’s she created and performed her one woman rock cabaret show “Single Girl’, which had great reviews, she had songs placed in major TV shows and movies and she got back into teaching dance to kids, using only her own music. It was from seeing the kid’s response to her music, when she taught, that inspired her to create THE JOY HOUSE. She also saw the lack of exercise in children’s lives, lack of inability to entertain themselves in constructive and creative ways, and the constant exposure to sex and violence in the media and music. She saw a big need for a creative, happy, innocent, positive, entertaining place and time for all kids of all social classes and religions, a place to inspire them and where they would not get bored. So she devoted her talent, time and creativity to children and it is by song by song, dance by dance, class by class and show by show, touching kids and families lives daily, that she has created THE JOY HOUSE FOR KIDS which is now a reality and has now become a great artistic and creative outlet for this amazingly talented girl and it NOW has become her business. She loves working with kids. She finds it truly fulfilling. The kids give her joy and she, in turn, gives them joy. To love what you do in life is the greatest joy.

So with years of experience in dancing, music, stage, theatre, television and recording studios, she has found a way to combine education and entertainment in a unique, inspiring and responsible way. It definitely was not in her plans when she came to the USA in 1991 but that is when the greatest ideas happen and evolve. Through struggle, by having to find ways to survive, by being resourceful and resilient but hopefully still being able to live out your dreams. Joy has found her way. She is bringing back the lost innocence to children through her songs, her television show, pre and after school programs, children’s birthday parties and the internet. TJH is a place where kids can escape to, learn and have fun. A place where children will find the opportunity to build their own “Joy House” in their own lives and find what makes them feel special and free to fly to live out their dreams too. This is THE JOY HOUSE.


Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Adelaide, South Australia

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Artist Songs
A Call!Play
As people we are onePlay
Been there, Done that Play
Burning up my lovePlay
Daddy, Daddy look at mePlay
Do what ya wanna wanna doPlay
Don't knock me downPlay
Each day (I love him better)Play
Follow Your HeartPlay
Give Joy, Get Joy Play
Happy HolidayPlay
Have a good time Play
Hungry for youPlay
Hush Little BabyPlay
I am specialPlay
I don't know why? Play
I give myself to lovePlay
I love you Play
I need youPlay
I'm a tryerPlay
In my mind Play Download
It doesn't matterPlay
It GirlPlay
Jump for JoyPlay
Kick InsidePlay Download
Lets get Ah Ah AhPlay
Lets get to itPlay
Love me for mePlay
Love you, Hate you Play
Make itPlay
My Baby GirlPlay
No more, No morePlay
Playing with firePlay
Something to tell youPlay
The ABC songPlay
The Joy House Birthday SongPlay
The Joy House JigPlay
This feels naturalPlay
To the boys and girls out therePlay
Um Baddi Addi AddiPlay
We all need love Play
Well of love Play
Why did you let me love you? Play



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View at YouTube

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