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Michael S. Helms
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Artist Profile

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Country: United States of America
Genre: Mixed/Multiple
Buy This Music Online: MikeHelmsmusic

Bio (Switch)

Just to Start

Singer / Songwriter ..Performer... I work well and often with others and I'm trying to do what my people tell me and get this stuff out. And show you what I got's'. so I have several projects goin on' One is my band called' Mike Helms and the Nefarious Clyde's Along with my dot com. and You Tube there's Myspace that you can go to to hear some pieces I've written' those Url's are below... msandthenefariousclydes

So this time I'm Heading out with some Chuck's to see what the world will have of me. And with what merry band of Nefarious Clyde's that should Join Me!!! I've been doing the Band thing for a number years. Mostly Rock .. although I have written some country style tunes..I'll try to give you an idea which is which.

Iv'e been playing around the Northwest and I've won a couple of songwriteing comptitions... But my greatest Honor or Award to date has been... A Seargent training our Military Personal heading for Iraq, requested to use my song 'Purple Hearts' as a training tool for a class he teaches. In short he said he finds the song deeply moving every time he hears it...I could'nt be more proud to be so Honored!

Other' Nefarious Clyde's"... Ahem".. I mean... Performing Artist" on my stuff would include: Peter Fennell, Backup Vocals and Guitar (lead,rythem)... David Mcswiggin Backup Vocals and Guitar(lead)... Jeff Tummond, Bass and Keys... Matt Westersund, Drums... Chris Fotonakis, Violin...

Mike Helms Music'

It's really what I should have done a long time ago. kick off on my own under my own name' but I wanted to include the other Hearts involved. Just wasn't sure how to do that, and have it be about my music mostly... So ya go through bands and names' sounds and people and ya' end up with not a whole lot' except some Cd cover's and leftover disc's with some bands name on it, ... not much else that say's it was you...

So this is about me now'

Mike Helms and the Nefarious Clyde's... Me and whomever is playin with me'... Southern Americana Alt, Country Rock' It's my own sound and style' and it just comes out that way' And for whatever capacity that were work together' Whether studio or live...

The current Nefarious Clydes are; Kevin Helton on Drums/Backing Vocals Neal Clark on Lead/ Backing Vocals Frank Botti on Bass/ Backing Vocals

Within a year weve been able to enjoy playing at Dantes' one of Portlands Premier Venues' and are recieving excellent reviews of that performance...

Anyhow If you would like to talk to me' You can reach me at Or 503-970-8705


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Be with MePlay
Before Hope FailsPlay
Bottoms Up(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
Cheeseburger Gigolo(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
For MomPlay
For Mom(Alt.Country Pop)Play
Hello KittenPlay
I Surrender (Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
Just' Let It Be(Country)Play
Lets get this Party Started(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
Lost for YouPlay
Lost for You(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
Mary OPlay
Mary O' (Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
Natural Selection (live demo)Play
Naughty Nichole'(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
Parley Love (Country)Play
Purple HeartsPlay
She Wolf' (live demo)Play
Tara(Acoustic solo)Play
Tara(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
The Love that We could make (Another Night I Fell in Love)Play
The Sunset Strip(Another Night I Fell in Love) Play
Truth IsPlay
Two Hearts at War(Another Night I Fell in Love)Play


Before Hope Fails

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Infinity I

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