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Brenna Swanger of SHE'S A SPY
Artist Pictures brenna suspenders.jpgbrenna suspenders.jpg 23231581_1579055248840020_7727974078496397798_n.jpg
Artist Profile

Hometown: Endicott, New York
Country: United States of America
Genre: Pop
Buy This Music Online: Soundcloud

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SHE’S A SPY is an upstate New York hailing indie-pop band. Formed in 2016, their infectious sound has already begun to spread, drawing in a small (but growing) dedicated fan-base. Soon after releasing a self-titled debut EP, their song “Under The Streetlights” was chosen as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (2016). Off the same EP, “Everything I Do” was chosen to be on the Top Ten list for Taxi Music (May 2017). Remaining a self-produced band, SHE’S A SPY embodies authenticity from their fresh synth-based songs to their energetic rocked-up live shows. SHE’S A SPY comprises of Brenna Swanger (Lead Vocals, Synth, Guitar), Andy Weaver (Bass, Guitar), Jake McKinney (Drums, Vocals), and Nate Roszel (Lead Guitar, Vocals). All songs are written by Brenna Swanger and produced by Andy Weaver and Brenna Swanger. SHE’S A SPY has released two EP's; "SHE'S A SPY" and "small town : part one". Their influences include The 1975, Walk The Moon, Carly Rae Jepsen, and M83.

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Brenna Swanger of SHE'S A SPY

Brenna Swanger is a prolific songwriter/producer, accomplished musician, and engaging stage performer who has music fans of all ages. Just barely out of her teens, she has already made a noteworthy contribution to the music scene. She released her first full-length album “Ten Metaphors for Love” at the age of 15 with several songs gaining her some attention across the globe (and several forwards from TAXI!). After having several songs make it to the semi-finals, her song “Forged from Fire”, a song from her “Live Session EP’ was honored by the International Songwriting Competition with an honorable mention in 2015. Her song “It must be Christmas Time” is licensed with Crucial Music and thanks to TAXI, will be signing another contract for two SHE’S A SPY songs with a large music library very soon! She is an experienced stage performer, pleasing audiences in both small intimate settings and large multi-stage music events. She has toured regionally from her home in the northeast of the U.S. and internationally in Ireland. She is also a featured musician in several other bands, stretching her musicianship across several different genres. She has even developed a school-based assembly program called “Rock on 4”, using a rock concert experience to help kids in grades K-12 navigate their world. Brenna is currently focused on developing the sound for her band SHE’S A SPY. In 2016, Brenna put together a band of respected musicians to bring her indie-pop vision to life. In the past year, SHE’S A SPY has released two EP’s, with a third currently in the works. Taking influence from the smash hits of the 80’s and the eccentric sounds of the 21st Century, SHE’S A SPY brings a fresh pop sound to the indie scene and is poised to make a significant contribution to the music industry.


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